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MARLO (short for “Maritime Loans”) was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with backgrounds in shipping, banking and risk management. The idea to create a lending marketplace for maritime was born out of a desire to help small shipping companies raise capital efficiently through technology.

With the tightening of regulations, banks have dramatically scaled back funding to the maritime sector. However, despite its size and history, shipping has always been looked at as an esoteric asset class by institutional investors, resulting in mispricing of risk and the infamous label, “lender of last resort.” Increasing compliance requirements also mandates that lenders have to be ever more vigilant on who their doing business with.

Our Objectives

Provide a data-driven approach to evaluate credit risk in shipping.

Help small and medium sized shipping companies improve their visibility to the global lending community.

Create a platform for lenders to identify good credits in shipping.

Our Approach

MARLO is our solution to bridging this gap between lenders and borrowers, beginning with working capital loans. Our unique approach utilizes real-time operational data along with conventional financial analysis to create a more, comprehensive approach to maritime lending. MARLO consists of two offerings.

Marketplace: Platform where borrowers and lenders can transact.
Third Party Applications: Ship operation and analytical tools for owners and operators.

Both offerings complement one another and echoes our belief that a good borrower will usually have a strong team handling ship operations.

Continually monitoring a working capital loan through every important operational and financial milestone is a surprisingly complicated procedure. MARLO empowers lenders to get an objective view on the ongoing risks associated with their loans.

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Coffee with MARLO

We are a start-up based in London’s thriving fintech community. We welcome feedback on our product offerings and are always looking for talented and energetic people to join our team. Use our contact form to get in touch with us.